Some 8 weeks ago, I published this piece “apologizing” for going dark.

Now, guess what?

going dark

I’m going dark again.

This time, however, instead of cowardly doing just that, I’d be totally upfront.

As I pointed out in week 2, the path which I decided to take preparing for my challenge was one I estimated to have a total completion time of about 6–8 weeks.

It’s week 8 (7, technically), so time for one final standup.

Last 7 Days

  • I finished Wes Bos’ Learn Node course, and deployed the demo app to Heroku,, and digital ocean.
  • I did not touch either cs50 or eloquentJS.
  • I started and finished Wes Bos’ Flexbox course.
  • I started, finished and submitted challenge 1 of the bootcamp for the cycle I am currently applied to.
  • I purchased both the Advanced Web developer bootcamp by Colt Steele and the Node JS developer course by Andrew Mead on Udemy.
  • I “skimmed” the CSS animations part of Colt Steele’s course to complete my challenge.
  • I’ve started taking the node course, albeit nonsequentially.

Reflections and What’s Next

Looking at the course path I set out to finish some eight weeks ago, I’m like 70–75% done …


… which, while not totally horrible, isn’t phenomenal either.

As briefly touched on in the previous section, bootcamp has started. This came way earlier than I projected, but it’s here, so I’d be switching to JIT learning.

This isn’t to say I’ll be neglecting the courses and books I haven’t yet finished.

I wouldn’t.

For now, however, my attention would be focused on completing and learning things directly relevant to the bootcamp.

I’d still try as much as possible to still squeeze out even just 5 hours/week to complete the curriculum until it is done.

Finally …

This will be my last update on this … for a while.