Week 5

Consistent delibrate practice?

I think I’m starting to get a hang of this.

f*ck yeah!

I know I said this last week, but this week, this week has been my most productive yet.

Heck, the time tracking tool I use even calls it my most productive week ever(!) …

rescue time weekly dashboard shot

And I’ve been using this tool for well over a year …

all rescuetime hours

“What did you actually do this week”, you ask?

Well, have a look:

this week’s spotlight on rescuetime

Enough screenshots. Here’s what, from my todo list last week, actually got done.

Last 7 Days

Since taking Havard’s basic Data Structures primer, I’ve been trying to practicalize concepts learned in my life so here’s how this review would happen:

I’d be treating the todo list I published last week as a “stack”, and I’d review each Todo item LIFO-style.

Let’s “pop” the last one off.

Andela Interview.

The goal was to crush this.

Well, I think I did. 🤔

I got selected for the bootcamp, so yeah, I “crushed” it. 😋

Eloquent JS

The plan was, “Make it to Chapter 12 of Eloquent Javascript”, tsk tsk, I bombed this one. 😂

The bombing “no be here at all” –  I’m still on chapter five.


Making it to week 6 was the goal with this one, but I actually didn’t hit it.

Came pretty close though – I’m midway through week 5.

Finish Javascript 30

I did finish this! 🎉

The sense of fulfillment I got after completing this was invigorating I swear! 🤗

Learn Node

The goal?

Make it to module 7.

My actual result?

I’m currently on module 8. 😊


I am extremely happy with the fact that I’ve been able to stay consistent throughout this journey. I’m not in the least satisfied with my output yet, though. There’s still a ton of room for improvement and optimization, especially with my study methods.

One of such optimizations I implemented this past week was integrating a “git workflow” with my learning process for following along with Wes Bos' Learn Node course.

I’d most definitely be publishing a blog on this soon, but the core thing which I did was coming up with a commit template for every major concept/lesson learned and committing that change to the project

following the commit template

This way, if I ever need to come back to relearn/reference a key concept learned, all I need do is just look for a commit with that particular concept and see exactly what was done

individual commit snapshot

Asides the above, another thing I’ve been ruminating on lately is aggressively building projects which would implement concepts I’ve been picking up over the past few months.

It is in building stuff, I’ve been told, that concepts get to “stick”.

Next 7 Days


Remember how I talked about having issues wrapping my head around working with multiple branching branches in my study repo?

Well, I’ve rebased, and look what it did:

git log graph

I still don’t know WTF I’m doing, to be honest, but something I came to realize was that rebasing basically “altered” my commit log history grouping all commits made on that branch.

And oh, I also came across the concept of “Squashing” commits – haven’t tried this one out, yet.

Till next week 👋🏽