Always Be Learning

Lifelong Learning. 🤷🏾‍♂️


Date Finished Activity Link to Notes
05-01-2018 Course Try Git
13-01-2018 Course How to Use Git and Github
12-02-2018 Course Learn to Code HTML & CSS
19-02-2018 Book You Don’t Know JS: Up & Going
08-02-2018 Course Learning How to Learn
Abandoned 😅 Course Programming for the Web with JavaScript
19-08-2018 Book You Don’t Know JS: Scope & Closures
26-02-2018 Course Pratical Javascript
08-03-2018 Blog Post Understanding Javascript Hoisting
17-07-2018 Course ES6 - Javascript Improved
24-08-2018 Course Javascript 30
WIP Course CS50 - Introduction to Computer Science
11-08-2018 Course Learn SQL
04-08-2018 Project Random Quotes Generator
05-08-2018 Blog Post Counting Dupes with Javascript Sets
03-09-2018 Course Learn Node
hold Book Eloquent Javascript
29-08-2018 Course What The Flexbox?!
09-2018 Code Along Fortunes API && Monsters API
09-2018 Code Along Todo API
10-2018 Code Along Indecision App
11-2018 Code Along Expensify
25-11-2018 Tutorial Node, Express, Postgres using Sequelize
N/A Tutorial Modern React With Redux
30-03-2019 Tutorial Getting Started With Next.js


Work through these courses, read the books listed below, and frequently supplement with “project ideas” listed below.