Learn Node

These are my quick notes from Wes Bos' Learn Node course arranged by modules.

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Module 1: Intro & Set Up

import dotenv from 'dotenv';

dotenv.config(); // if the environmental variable file is simply '.env'
// or
dotenv.config({ path: 'variables.env' }); // if the environmental variable file is 'variables.env'

Module 2 => Module 15

Starting from module 4 I started following a self-documenting git-based learning format which I mentioned here and kind of explained here. Bar those, the headings and bullets which follow contain most of my handwritten notes while traversing the course

On Routing

On Templating

      h2#title A Snippet
      img(src="fine-boy.png" alt="A fine boy")
      p This is a snippet
      button Click Me!

translates to:

<div class="wrapper">
  <div class="inner">
    <h2 id="title">A Snippet</h2>
    <img src="fine-boy.png" alt="A fine boy" />
    <p>This is a snippet</p>
    <button>Click Me!</button>

in ‘normal’ HTML.

On the MVC Pattern

On Middlewares

const uselessMiddleware = (req, res, next) => {
  req.remark = 'Attach this to request object';
  next(); // passes execution to the next middleware if available.

On the rest

See my follow-along repo’s commit history

Live Demo

A live version of the app built can be accessed here: