No, no, no, no! Not that kind of slack.

I mean, I’m seriously slacking off.

As it stands, I am using my life to play ‘ten ten’ and it’s not even funny.

Let’s head into the recap:

Last 7 Days

Over the course of the past week, I …

  • failed to finish reviewing the ‘new’ Homestudy curriculum - still about halfway through.

  • failed to write that blog post which I promised to last week - didn’t even get started.

  • failed to make it to week 4 of the CS50 course - still on week 2.

  • failed to finish up the YDKJS Scopes and closures book - still on the last chapter.

  • failed to solve even one algorithm challenge on codewars - I tried, 4kyu challenges are not funny at all.

  • I, however, did make it to day 12 of the Javascript 30 challenge course - yay!

  • I got started, and finished up a working prototype of that personal project I talked about last week - it’s now currently being used at work.

  • I completed my first test for the recruitment cycle I’m currently applied to.

  • I ‘think’ I’ve found a ‘regular’ sleep schedule - I broke it only 3 times :).

I have also, despite all the ‘failures’ and small wins outlined above, started restructuring the plan seeing that my proposed ‘4-month plan’ is hilariously out of sync with my current reality - bootcamp for my current cycle is less than 2 months away!

Next 7 Days

  • Finish up home study curriculum.

  • Write that blog post!

  • CS50, week 4!

  • Finish up YDKJS Scopes and Closures

  • Implement a mini project which would have me using the Fetch API - Random Quote Generator, maybe?

  • Come up with a concise 6-week study + practice plan to ‘level up’ to a state where I can at least implement, using TDD, an API built with Node + Express with Postgresql as the database, connect successfully with a frontend (no frameworks) and understand WTF is going on under the hood at each stage.

  • Make it to day 25 of Javascript 30.


Apart from my unstable internet connection which has lectures buffering almost every 30 seconds, I am currently my own blocker.

Don’t F this week up, Kizito.