hour glass

That phrase isn’t foreign to you, yeah?

Me too!

Barely hours after publishing my ‘plan’, 7 whole days have flown by and guess what?

I wasn’t riding first class or even coach, I was more like a stowaway in the cargo hold.

That was a silly analogy up there, right?

I know!

But you know what isn’t silly or in the least funny?

The fact that time is ticking. Now, on to accountability.

Last 7 Days

  • Rounded up the ES6 Course on Udacity.

  • Did some major overhaul to my study repo which makes it and the notes contained within browsable on Github Pages (See live site here).

  • Started CS50 (currently on week 1).

  • Started Wes Bos’ Javascript 30 challenge course (currently on day 5).

  • Solved more algorithm problems in javascript on codewars and moved my rank from 6 to 5kyu.

  • Got an idea on a simple project I could (and should) whip up which would, alongside aiding my learning, help me simplify a challenge I’m facing at work.

  • Applied to Andela.

  • Sought feedback from a pal who has accomplished my current goal about my proposed ‘plan of action’.

Next 7 Days

  • Review, again, the new Andela Homestudy Curriculum.

  • Write a blog post detailing my thought process while solving an algorithm challenge last week which had me using new concepts I learned from the recently completed ES6 course.

  • Make it to at least week 4 of the CS50 course.

  • Make it to day 12 of the Javascript 30 challenge course.

  • Get started and possibly finish up the first iteration of the simple project I talked about earlier.

  • Implement feedback gleaned from the pal.

  • Finish up YDKJS Scopes and closures.

  • Solve more algorithm challenges.

  • Stick to a fucking regular sleep schedule!


I, for Christ’s sake, don’t know when to (how to?) call it a night!

Case in point:

Monday night, when I was revamping my study repo to make it a browsable website. I did succeed, but I ended up sleeping by almost 3am making almost the whole of Tuesday a ‘disaster’.

Here, have a look:

git log shot

I couldn’t commit anything on the 18th (Wednesday) because nothing was done on Tuesday. Shame.

Another thing, note-taking.

What should I note down when following a lecture and what should I depend on the neurons in my hippocampus to note for me?

Final words

Looking back, I think week 0 was fair. On a scale of 1–10, my performance relative to my expectations would be a 4.

There’s still a ton of work to do, consistency is all I am gunning for.

Till next week.

And oh, Disney, why?! Why did you gun Gunn?!!