Week 4

I’m on a roll!

thread slowly

Since beginning the documentation of my progress towards my goal five weeks ago, this week has been my most productive, yet.

Here’s what transpired:

Last 7 Days

Javascript 30

Remember how I said I was going to make it to day 25 by today, last week?

I made it. 😊

js30 repo shot

This ‘small’ success was due to the fact that I stopped trying to rush through the course and just enjoy it.

I committed to doing and understanding just one lesson per day, and things worked out as planned.

Slowly, but surely. 😉

YDKJS: Scopes and Closures

After putting off the completion of this book for close to 5 months, I finally had the discipline to properly round it up this week.

Most concepts in the final chapter (Scope closure) which I had problems grokking in the past finally became clear to me.

This, I believe, is as a result of my gaining a certain level of familiarity with the core constructs of the language.

This little discovery caused my pausing the book series and starting another book which I aim to use in properly understanding, deeply, the fundamentals of using the language.

I looked around, and the consensus over at /r/learnprogramming seem to point to eloquent Javascript as an … wait for it … eloquent resource. Which leads to my next point.

Eloquent Javascript

I started this book towards the end of the week and I am about 65 pages in at the moment (on the mobile pdf version).

Reiterating what I stated in my notes for the book, most of the concepts I’ve encountered so far are not new to me, but I plan to keep skimming the material and slowing down at points where foreign concepts are introduced to digest them.


The target for last week was to make it to week 6 of the course, but guess what?

I fell short, far short, of that target – I’m on week 4.

Now, I am not going to rationalize my shortcomings because honestly, I should have been able to hit that target, but I’ll just keep at it, every week until it’s done.

Learn Node

Backend! Yeah!!! 💪🏽

I finally started taking the lessons in this course. So far, I’ve gone through the introductory sections which basically involves properly setting up the development environment, database and required dependencies.

I do not plan to gloss over anything while taking this course. 🤨


A 6.5-ish week (on a scale of 1 - 10) if I were to rate my performance.

I’m blanking out on what to type here, so I’ll just leave this here and come back to it later (unless, of course, nothing comes to me).

Next 7 Days


Git Rebase! 😭

More explicitly, I’m having trouble getting my head around properly managing multiple branches on my study repo without running into multiple merge conflicts.

Here’s what happened:

So I decided I wanted to make my study repo more “responsible” and more akin to standard project repos I’ve seen which have multiple authors working on different multiple branches and still maintaining a singular master branch which all other feature branches get merged into eventually.

My plan was simple.

Since I am studying different resources concurrently, I would create a branch for each resource and when done, merge the resource’s branch back into master.

But here’s a problem a ran into:

While working on the learn-node branch, it became ‘out of sync’ with the master branch as I had already pushed new commits to master.

This was where the confusion set in.

Should I first merge master into learn-node so that the new commits in master show up in learn-node before merging learn-node into master?

Or should I just merge learn-node into master without worrying about the changes made on master after I branched learn-node off?

In finding an answer to the questions above, I ran into git rebase.

I’m still trying to get my head around it, so hopefully, by next week I’ll be branching off, in, left, right, up, and down my repo like a pro.

“Someone on the internet” mentioned the book Pro Git, so I’ll be sure to check it out.

This week’s report was [needlessly?] long. 🤷🏽‍

Till next week. ✌🏽